"I am such a fan of Embellished Truth that I am now saving for my fourth bag. First it was the capsule, because I was riding around the world on a bike. When I came off the bike I needed something a little bigger, so I bought the Sheikha, which as a fashion correspondent works beautifully. Then of course I realised that as a denim freak, I needed the upcycled denim Sultanah. And now my heart is set on the Capsule Brit, and that doesn't include my Truthful Warrior tee!"
Lupe Castro, International Stylist/Fashion Columnist
Canary Islands
"I love my Capsule bag so much. It is the perfect size for my cards, keys and phone when going out. The style goes with everything from an evening out to just running to the shops."
Sharon D
Maidenhead, Berkshire.
"I LOVE my Marilyn bag from Embellished Truth. Beautiful, soft leather that you can’t help stroking, with a fun purple striped fabric lining and a nifty purse attached inside so you needn’t put an extra one in. It is a bit like a tardis, as you can get a surprising amount in- I usually carry a brolly amongst other things. Mine also has some studs on the bottom, which I like because it keeps the bag clean if I have to put it down. Thank you Embellished Truth."
Julia S
New Forest, Hampshire
"I love my Capsule bag, it's great for evenings out whether it be a meal or a club. It's just the right size for the essentials and dancing! With a great range of colours, you're bound to find the right one for you"
Helen K
"My beautiful custom made bag still looks new after so much wear and tear. I get so many compliments as it is so well made."
Pamie D
Maidenhead, Berkshire.
"I've been a proud owner of my Catalina bag for close to 10 years, and it's my go-to bag to bring with me to conferences and trade shows. It's the perfect size for carrying everything I need - my DSLR camera, a bottle of water & my handbag essentials. After all these years it's still in great condition - proof of the excellent craftmanship and that it's made to last."
Feng Ho, Fashion Designer
Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
“I have purchased 4 Embellished Truth bags since 2009, plus another bespoke design gifted to a friend. My particular favourite is the Capsule (I have 3 in different colours and designs, soon to be 4!). It's perfect for every day use and events. I've always been impressed by the design and quality of Embellished Truth bags. In fact, I have used a capsule as my go-to purse since 2012. The same one has been in almost daily use and is the perfect size for cards, keys, cash and phone. The attention to detail even in the interior lining and the gradual softening of the already soft leather over the years is fabulous. Love it!!"
Julie J
Southampton, Hampshire.