Embellished Truth is a brand with sustainability in its DNA. From the beginning every raw material, every supplier and every process has been carefully evaluated for its kindness and respect for people and the environment. This has meant that it takes longer to source suitable materials for our collections and often there is much experimenting that goes along the way. 


Embellished Truth only ever uses leather that is a by-product of the food industry. Using these skins is creating a durable material from a waste product and preventing them from going to landfill.  Conventional tanning methods use toxic substances that are hazardous to the tannery worker, the environment and ultimately to the wearer.  The leather will therefore not biodegrade.

The leathers we use are tanned in Italy and Germany using more environmentally friendly methods that are free from chromium, heavy metals and harsh chemicals. The process is more time consuming but results in a breathable and ultimately a biodegradable material. The hides are sourced locally to the tannery regions and use sustainably harvested vegetable tannins, such as tara and rhubarb.  Moreover, the leather is proven to be particularly kind to skin and allergy friendly.

Organic Khadi Cotton

Khadi is an age-old hand woven cloth that originates in India. This fairtrade fabric is made from 100% organic cotton that is hand spun and handwoven by traditional  artisans working in cooperatives. Naturally breathable and biodegradable, it is free from harmful chemicals and allergy free.

We included Khadi as an outer fabric for our new Bloomsbury tote and Capsule clutch and also as a lining for newer bags.

Recycled Brass Bombshell Cuffs

We have partnered with disadvantaged artisans in Cambodia to create fair-trade brass cuffs that feature on our signature Sheikha clutch bag and Collar. Each cuff is individually crafted from recycled bombshells which are remnants from the war nearly 40 years ago. The bombshells still litter the country today and have enabled the artisans to create their own living whilst working from home and raising their families. 

We believe these statement pieces have a history and story to tell.


All our metal components are made from brass and sourced within the UK. In some cases bespoke buckles and trimmings are made in Italy with our specifications.

Supporting Artisans and British Craftsmanship

We are proud to support British craftsmanship and in particular to work with two family-run factories in East London. Manufacturing has been declining in the UK,  especially in London, however, we feel the skills and expertise should be supported and thrive again. Working with local workshops and factories allows us to visit regularly and work alongside the artisans. The working conditions are safe and everyone is paid a living wage.


We have low production runs and keep one of each design in stock to avoid unnecessary waste. Most bags are made to order in London and will take up to 4 weeks for delivery.


Each of our leather bags has its own dust bag that is made from 100% organic cotton and printed locally with earth friendly inks. We use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging; swing tags, tissue paper, stickers and boxes.

Zero Waste

All leather offcuts are saved after production and used to create zip pulls, wrist cuffs and jewellery. Any small fibres are biodegradable and added to our compost.